For Me…It’s `All About Daisy’ Week

Three gold stars for Arkansas on this Daisy Bates Holiday, as we recognize the life and contributions of one of America’s and Arkansas’ premier civil rights leaders. The Daisy Bates Holiday symbolizes a different side to our state, and places Arkansas in a very unique and special category. What’s more…it gives me one more reason to proudly call Arkansas home.

There is no question that Daisy Lee Gatson Bates is deserving of such an honor. Because of that, I continue this week sharing her life story,  hercontributions and her challenges with audiences throughout the state.

Our citizens must be reminded…but, more importantly, our children must know that there was a woman who dared to believe, dared fight, dared challenge the status quo, to ensure that all children receive a fair and equal opportunity to learn, to thrive, to live the American dream.

I am so honored to call Daisy a friend, a mentor, and guide. What a rich life story; what sacrifices for change.  Our youth must never forget that there was such a woman who dared fight for their rights; dared fight to balance the scales of justice – for our children, for us all.

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Janis F. Kearney