Writing our World Publishing (WOW! Publishing) was founded in 2003 by author and presidential diarist Janis F. Kearney. The small company is an independently owned, literary salon creating books, literary workshops, and authors events. Kearney seeks to illuminate southern stories through diverse genres: memoir, biography, fiction, and historical nonfiction.

WOW Publishing became a reality in Chicago,but since 2007, has been a proud member of Little Rock's literary and small business community.

Writing our World Publishing services include:

  • Silent Writer for storytellers who seek assistance in creating a forum for their stories.
  • Literary Workshops/Seminars - Read.Write.Share Writing Retreats, and Memoir Writing Workshops 
  • Public Lectures
  • Literary Event Sponsor - planning and hosting local and national literary and author events
  • Passionate Community Servant:  Children and women empowerment; Education; literacy, and nurturing a one-world philosophy