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Southern Antholgy Submissions


Dear Southern Authors,

 Writing our World Publishing, LLC is proud to announce we are now accepting submission for the Writing our Lives:  Southern Stories Anthology, to be published early Spring 2020. We are accepting short Memoirs from new or current writers of Arkansas and the southern regions. Special focus on stories from writing organizations, including Read.Wite.Share and JFK workshop participants. We welcome all Arkansas and near south stories!

Criteria: writers must exhibit an understanding of basic writing skills and the crafting of story. Stories must exhibit the southern art of good storytelling, and require minimal editing. No more than 20 stories will be accepted in the 2019 Anthology. Submissions limited to no more than 2,000 words. Stories may be shortened.

  Short bios and photos required once selections are made.

All submissions must be forwarded via email, to:   writersinc@sbcglobal.net , no later than midnight, May 30, 2019.

The projected publication date of the Anthology is Spring 2020. (a specific date will be announced late summer). All stories will be reviewed. No more than 20 stories will be selected for inclusion in the Anthology.

Inquiries may be sent to writersinc@sbcglobal.net . No inquiries will be responded to after May 30, 2019.  Follow us at @wowpublishingpresents for our final reminder.


 Janis F. Kearney,

Writing our World Publishing

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